From photo to 3D model - photogrammetry tutorial series.


I’m happy to announce that creation of photogrammetry tutorial series is FINSIHED.

You can buy it now on GUMROAD for 25$. With the final model free to use (commercial, personal) with 8k PBR textures, and textures from Substance Designer, to generate Your own.



  1. Project Overview

  2. Theory and shooting

  3. Color correcting and saving images in Photoshop Camera RAW

  4. Loading photos into Agisoft Photoscan.

  5. Masking unwanted areas on photos.

  6. Aligning photos - sparse point cloud data

  7. Clean sparse point cloud data

  8. Generating dense point cloud data

  9. Clean dense point cloud data

  10. Generating mesh

  11. Generating texture

  12. Aligning and merging chunks

  13. Cleaning scan data in Zbrush

  14. Decimating mesh

  15. Making proper UV data.

  16. Re-import to Zbrush and projecting detail to mesh with good UV’s.

  17. Baking displacement map

  18. Baking all needed maps in Substance Designer for later use in Substance Painter.

  19. PBR textures in Substance Painter.

  20. Lighting, shading and rendering in Blender Cycles. Using new Principled shader, and micro-displacement with ZBrush map.


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So an advertisement for a paid tutorial for paid software OTHER than Blender in ‘Blender and CG Discussions’ forum. This seems completely out of place. I think people here would enjoy a free tutorial for photogrammetry with PPT and Blender in 'Tutorials, Tips and Tricks" forum a lot more. Am I the only one who thinks this should be removed by the moderators?

This is Blender related. Final rendering, shading, lighting with new principled shader, and micro-displacement. Rest, well. Blender isn’t capable of doing everything. There will be free tutorials in My collection, but this one is payed. Lot of topics covered. Also with final model, free to use with 8k textures. And off course all the files from every software.

“That’s the olive on pizza. It’s not pizza itself.”
“Cherry on top is not the desert.”

Yes, i agree with MartinZ.

Based on your list it’s only 1/20th of the tutorial. So?

I honestly did not notice that point. That might save this from deletion. Well played. Still it’s wrong forum section.

Also I think there is a small chance here ‘Blender isn’t capable of doing everything.’ might actually mean ‘I am not capable of doing that in Blender’. But that’s none of my business.

It’s fine, this isn’t a police state and the section of the forum is for discussing CG in general, so other tools are fine. The question should rather be if this section is the correct place for adverts/self promotion, which I suspect is fine too as long as it isn’t completely spammy/off-topic. I don’t think it is.

I agree with Martin, and sorry Felix… that has nothin’ but really nothin’ to do with “police-state”. It’s only the clear message: “Please think over, where and what You post.” Nothin’ else.

And sorry @ Rangiz: I think You should adress any other forum where You find the software you use for the main-work, as PS, as ZBrush, as Substance D.&P. and finally Agisoft…

Sorry, this trunk shown as “as-I-see-what-I’ll-get” isn’t really worth those 25 bucks. :slight_smile: And using Blender Cycles, well does not fit the sum too.

:slight_smile: Don’t take it personell, but conclusion: Absolutely wrong place.

I won´t enter in the discussion about the tutorial being announced on the rigth place or not…

But Blender CANNOT do automated high level/high poly photogrammetry reconstruction, that´s a fact, so that phrase does not make sense in this case, or you don´t understand what kind of reconstruction are we talking about or you think belnder has some tools that it does not have.

In what I agree, is in that this should be published under the tutorials forum in any case :slight_smile:


This is the Blender AND CG discussion forums. Here you will find news and discussions about software other than Blender so yes, it is the right category.
And also no. Blender does not have any sort of tools to generate a 3D model from photos.

But anyway. The youtube video seems to have been removed for this product. I am interested in photogrammetry but I want to see the trailer before picking this up.

Let me explain my point of view.
You can do retopology in Blender. Also you do not need to reproject high level detail in zBrush as you can import a retopologised, UV mapped mesh into Agisoft’s Photoscan and create a color texture there for the UV map, Photoscan also offers decimation function. You can also bake normal and displacement maps in Blender. While Alegorythmic’s Substance products are amazing and make PBR texture production a lot easier, PBR textures can easily be created using other tools as well. It seems zBrush and Substance products can be replaced. I was not talking out off my butt this time, I use all the mentioned software myself. What would actually be interesting for me would be using Python Photogrametry Toolbox - PPT instead of Agisoft’s Photoscan Pro - that’s the reason I checked the thread when I saw photogrammetry in the title. Open source free photogrammetry workflow exists. It would be interesting to explore how it compares with these more traditional methods. The tutorials have little to do with Blender. As advertising one’s products not that related to Blender in the wrong forum section might provoke some unnecessary negative reactions it is in my opinion also in the creators best interest to think trough the advertisement techniques and places. I think it is nice when people put more thought into these little details, that’s all.

oh, the irony…

He is only selling (no discussion attempt present) while debate is off topic.

:confused:What to do?:eyebrowlift:

Martinz- I’m using Zbrush, and I do this in Zbrush, because it have all the desired tools in this photogrammetry workflow, and much more.
The same with Substance suite, and Agisoft Photoscan. I’m a professionall, I’m a little bit now on the market. I know Blender from version 2.42. And I use Blender, not because it’s free, but because it’s the best for Me. But I know limitations of Blender.

Also apart from recording tutorials, I’m working with clients, and I need to know more than only Blender, because projects are various.

This tutorial series was meant to be very good in choosing software for it. So not only that tree from it can be done, but much more. This is a workflow tutorial, so You know everything about the workflow. And I choose Zbrush, Photoscan, Photoshop, Substance Designer, Substance Painter, Blender with Cycles, to show You the best possible way.

I hope everyone understands.


Moderation: A little note here for folks requesting that this thread be moved to the Tutorials, Tips, and Tricks subforum… that subforum is specifically for actual tutorials that are mostly Blender-related. Since the OP to this thread is not a tutorial, but an ad for one and the content focus is primarily on non-Blender tools, it’s not appropriate to put this thread there. It’s really best-suited for this sub-forum or perhaps the Latest News subforum (since we have announcements there for products available on the Blender Market).


Thanks for clarifying that :slight_smile:

Well, I suppose I got to appologise in this case. It does feel out of place to me, but I guess if it’s fine with others, that’s completely my problem then. Maybe I better think of making a free tutorial of doing this the open source way myself then.

Tutorial now also on UDEMY:

@Rangiz why do you prefer Photoscan vs RealityCapture?

To be honest I never tested that much Reality Capture, My first was Photoscan and I just stay with Photoscan.
I need to make another try with RC, because everyone using it tells that is much faster.

Tutorial now also on Skillshare -

[QUOTE=MartinZ;3252924]I honestly did not notice that point. That might save this from deletion. Well played. Still it’s wrong forum section.

Also I think there is a small chance here ‘Blender isn’t capable of doing everything.’ might actually mean ‘I am not capable of doing that in Blender’. But that’s none of my business.

A LOT faster… sometimes worse geometry results, but just sometimes, but in general much better texture results :slight_smile: