From photogrammetry model of a human with major holes to a watertight and textured model

I did photogrammetry with an object that looks like a human.

Now there are several holes in the object.

Is there a way to “fit” a human model into it for it to roughly know what it should look like to then recreate the rest of the shape accordingly - and guess the right texture?

If not, how do I go about making it a textured, water-tight model?

ShrinkWrap Modifier should help see this

Could fill holes with ngon, just select vertices around the rim and create a face. Then use convert to tris then convert to quads and continue by using the remesh options in new blender. 2.82 best at the moment.

There are other remesh addons as well. Not too easy to suggest more without the model you have. Hope others join in to help.

After that you unwrap the better mesh and make a texture for it in draw/paint program using copy of uv map on another layer. Gimp best my thinking. Or Texture paint inside blender.

A lot of work.