From Procedural Map to Single UV Mapping?

hello everyone!
Im New in here, apologize my bad english, this is not my first languages but i’ll try my best to be the most clear and understandable.

I’ve started studing that big workshop called Blender, following tutorial and experimenting by my own, but i encountered a big problem with procedural map.

As in the tuts, i maked some “strands” and Uv-Mapped them singularly. Modelled them togheter and then applyed material and texture.
The result is quite good. But now i wanted to export this work to a game, and i need to bake it all.

it is possible, while baking to convert this “bunch of single uv-maps” in a single big one, if all the object were joined togheter?

i already tryed to export my work in “collada”(dae) but the blender exporter doesn’t compile correctly the material information, Obviusly the model exported appears total white without any tex :confused:

Thanks in advance for the help, it will be as good to be redirected to some tutorial about this concern.

try to pin the uv of all meshes, then join them. now you should reorganize the uv.