FROM SPAWN TIL DUSK (Interactive Kinect/NImate art game)


So I made this:

Its my first blender game! This is an alpha that is open to build upon/with me as I continue my work

This Interactive Blender Game allows you to become a Salmon in the Pacific Northwest as you travel upstream against dangers in your lifecycle ending ritual. Using the Kinect guide your totem to gather eggs as you race upstream in an exciting and educational art video game experience.

First off: here is the GIT with a readme:*

Some Pictures:
Cell Phone Video Screen Capture of Live Interface Projection
Stills from the .blend

When the game starts the Kinect maps your body through NI mate. On the home menu your stomach is the ball that is moving on screen. In order to start the game you must bow or squat. ( I wanted this to be interactive and physical because so many games have you stay still)

Once the ball touches the menu bar there is a long pause and the game starts. Your left and right hands are marked on the balls floating in the interface, the bottom corner shows an outline of yourself in the Kinect. Using the arrows to guide your fish up stream past the rocks and dangers to gather the eggs.

Yes There are keyboard controls:
Enter to press the play on the menu and and extra tilt feature in the x and z keys. Standard arrow keys.


Move around when playing, the Kinect to NI mate to Blender is not the best and I am trying to figure out how to make this better.

Please comment and critique
Please take the time to play, I had a ton of fun learning on this project I have a huge list of todo’s:

  • Clean up the Scoring the reset
  • Add an Info Panel
  • Wrap to .exe//.app with NI mate interfacing
  • Add the ability to play animation files I have created with lo buffer/memory costs (They are HQ)

I truly would love someone to take a look at this and help me figure out how to take it to the next level!!!

  • Michael
  • This is an alpha and I really want to make something stable so if you have any problems let me know because I want this to be fun any work for everyone and every system.


Interesting, I like it , I love art games , great idea
unfortunately I have not the Kinect so I do not play this game