From the cold celler


Just stumbled on one of my older projects. I forgot about this one. I had to re-assign all the texture and give it a little post-production using GIMP but here it is. (Please be patient and let the image load fully, it may take a while on slower Internet connections)

I’m keen to improve this picture so any feedback is extremely welcome.

Thanks :wink:

the image hasn’t even loaded fully and I like it already!!
Really nice pic!!

Nice, has some horrible artifacts on the bars (turn on osa if it isn’t, if its an image model those bars)
The lighting seems to be fairly incorrect, but it has a cool look, to be more realistic it should feel more like the only light is coming from the window (in other words the surrounding area such as the corner bucket would be much darker)
aside quite well done, and with some better lighting would be great :smiley:

Wow, insane detail!

It looks awesome, but I have a couple suggestions

  • a touch of oversampling(OSA) would be nice, it almost appears to be a print due to the sharpness.

  • the puddle reflection could use some work, right now it’s too regular(pattern). Maybe a stucci tex set to bump would give a better look

  • there seems to be an odd flare up-right of the window, doesn’t seem to fit

  • something about the lighting…there doesn’t appear to be enough depth. Maybe you could change the energy or RGB of the interior light

Just a few ideas, I’m really impressed with your work.