From the Deep

My first bigger personal project in Blender. I focused only on the overall impression of the image and didn’t spend time on details. So don’t look too closely.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thanks, That’s awesome!
A great weekend to you too!

I see a monkey, was this the intention? It’s very good either way.

Color scheme looks great. Of course I had to take a closer look after you told me not to :smile: (and I’m still liking it). Can you tell us what inspired you to this project? I’m really curious now…

I made this for the CG Boost challenge, the topic was “Power of Nature”. That’s why there was no deeper inspiration and no time for details. I used to do lots of environments while I worked in the VFX industry and and I really liked revisiting it now in Blender.

Some people on reddit pointed out the monkey too. That was not intentional, just a byproduct of trying to have some variation in the tentacles.

Suzanne just couldn’t resist making an appearance, maybe she’s not getting enough love

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