From the Earth to the Moon

Hi all,
I’m pleased to show you my latest creation done for a french website CGI contest about Jules Vernes’ universe.
I choosed to illustrate the novel “From the Earth to the Moon”

Hope you like the picture, crits and comments are welcome.


You can see the WIP thread here :

The site is in french but pictures don’t need translation :wink:

Making of will be available soon.

.love the composition…so many scratches distract some i think…good luck in the comp…

Nice compo! Now the image is a bit too yellow/greenish, it would be better in sepia I think.
And, there’s no black color on the image (the hats on the foreground are grey; the shadows everywhere are grey, as an old faded image) except for the sky - and that looks a bit strange. As if the only part that didn’t fade was the sky.

A different post-pro work could really improve this image - because the modeling and composition are great :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comments.

Rore thank you for the crit about the sky, I didn’t notice that.


Great scene as overall!

I agree on the mentioned things about the post though:

  • The hue is a bit too yellow/green (to my taste at least).
  • Sky is a bit too black compared to the overall fading.

…and some other things that arose in my mind:

  • I’m not sure if the dispersion needs to be colored. It is a bw picture afterall?
  • Something about the sharpness (or actually blurriness) doesn’t match with the overall grain and scratches… can’t put my finger on it though. Maybe the grain is too smooth??

edit: one more thing, I think some (minor?) vignetting would be nice.

good modeling work, but I think it lacks contrast

It could use some sharpening up and osme tonal variation, green is oppesive by comparason to grey.