From the highchair - new kids animation

Hi Blenderers,

Yesterday I uploaded my 5th video for my kids animation YouTube channel.
You can see it here:<a href=“ Z1A0kGy1I” target="_blank">

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on my last animation. I bought myself a brand new microphone to record the voices. Would love your feedback on audio quality.

Very impressive work once again. I face-palmed my self when he quoted those lines. So I would have to ask this question. What are you planning to do going in this direction? Are you planning on making a children based online series?

Thanks ZeroShadow :smiley:
Glad you got a laugh out of it. Even if it was a face-palmer

Yes, I’ve been enjoying making these videos. My long term plan would be to make them into an online series for children, slowly introducing my own characters. In fact, I plan for my next animation to be something quite different, although I will return to using Sippy again.

Okay, I’ll look forward to the next one.