"From the Mist"-Abstract light and texture study

I’m pretty happy with the results I’ve gotten in this image so I’ll go ahead and post it as finished. As I said earlier it is primarily a procedural and light study using the blender internal renderer. I have played with the camera to make the scene a little more interesting aesthetically.


Fantastic use of procedurals. Great specular highlights. They are in just the right places, (i.e. edges, cracks, etc.).

Not sure I like the mist, but that is a personal choice.

Lighting is very well done as well.


I really like it. could you make a wallpaper version 1024X768, without the black bars at top and bottom? That would be very cool.

Soffy for the long delay. Here is a wallpaper 1024 version w/o the bars.


Nice. That would be really good with some HDRI and a skymap or background pic.