From the waist down.

Does anyone, I mean anyone, know how to make shoes and pants? I’m stuck at this point of a project I’m working on and I can’t go any further until I get this problem resolved and it’s so difficult working on this by myself. I tried the Makehuman method for the pants and that failed horribly and I tried shrinkwraping, but it didn’t form correctly. I can’t get an idea on how to make the shoes and I’m running out of ideas. In short, I’m in a rut that I can’t pull myself out of. So any other known tutorials I can use could be a great help.

You can duplicate the part of the body you want to cover, scale it up a bit, remove most of the body details (e.g. using smooth button) and model appropriate details such as pockets.

That was the MakeHuman Method and once again that didn’t work so good.

This doesn’t work because scaling doesn’t modify the surface along the normals, which is what you need to make the new mesh enclose the body. You need to use Shrink/Expand (Alt+S) for this operation.

Re: Making shoes & pants – it’s all just modeling, like any other form. Scrounge up some reference images similar to what you want and study the construction, then start modeling. Won’t be perfect first off, that comes with practice, practice, practice.

Exactly how to model them is dependent on many considerations – what kind of character is it, will you be using the Cloth modifier, will they be animated, do the clothes need to come off or can they be made part of the character mesh, etc. etc.etc.

Maybe check Blendswap for some pre-existing models if you really don’t want to learn how to do it yourself (in which case, ask yourself why you picked up Blender in the first place!). If nothing else you can study how others have made clothing and shoes.

I actually like it if the clothes mesh is separated. That way I can try to see if I can get that person to put on their clothes but it will be come a pain when I’m appending it to another file.

chipmasque, of course you’re right about Alt+S. My bad.

XeroShadow, I didn’t really know what you meant by the “MakeHuman Method”, but the one I proposed works perfectly. While posting my message yesterday, it took me just a few minutes to create shorts.
And the “shrink wrap” method has very good results too. There was a video tutorial for that one, but the URL is dead now. Try searching Google for “video-blender-shrink-wrap-modifier”.

If you must make the clothing separate, ( and at the animation stage that would be a nightmare, as you will have to weight paint both!) then I would:

  1. make a copy of the relevant parts of the person.
  2. Alt-A to expand it a little.
  3. Model the clothes opto it using the retopo tool.

This has the advantages that the resulting mesh is designed to work as clothing, rather than as a character. The creases etc need to have mesh densities and edgeloops in the right places to define them. You won’t get that by just re-using the body mesh underneath.

Note, that this method, like any described above, will only work if your original mesh has enough density. If you have too sparse a mesh, you will not get good looking cloth, because it needs a lot of vertices to really work. More so if you want to use the cloth sim.


The MakeHuman method basically copies the body and cut up certain body parts to make clothes.
However, for some reason, it looks like I may not get an answer I could apply too. Someone need to make
a tutorial on how to make clothes like shirts, pants, and shoes. It just doesn’t seem fair for those who knows how it’s done to keep that information to themselves.

This is a pretty whiny attitude. It doesn’t seem “fair” either to expect someone to spend hours making a tutorial just for you, when you haven’t posted anything in this thread showing that you’ve even made an attempt at it yourself.

Plus most of the “information” you seem to think is being withheld is really just the result of others spending many hours modeling, getting better with each attempt, learning from their mistakes as well as their successes. If you’re not willing to pay those kind of dues, don’t expect somebody else to take up your slack.

EDIT: In less than 5 minutes I found half a dozen examples of clothed figures on Blendswap. Have you downloaded any of these free files to learn from?