From The Would-Cut Chronicles: What Is Power (animation)

from The Would-Cut Chronicles:“What Is Power”

(2.5 minutes long / 3MB download)

The WCC is a series of animations I plan to continue making after this first one (“What Is Power”) which was made for the recent Blender Artists animation challenge.

“What Is Power” symbolically explores what power may or may not be, how it may or may not work, its relationship to energy, us, and so on. Like most of my work, it’s meant to be open to interpretation and your imagination.

The main character “Would” was initially created for a CGTalk modeling competition (30 models in 30 days).

The animation is done all “in one take,” with camera switching handled through Python. No NLA was necessary, just keyframes because of the varied range of non-repeated actions required to tell this little story.

The animation was created over the past week and a half, about a couple of hours each night. I had some problems uploading earlier this evening, but all should be well now, especially with the heavily compressed relatively small file.

Xvid codec was used to compress the video, which also has very compressed sound (music also by me specifically for this animation).

Audacity was used to record audio. VirtualDub was used to combine audio and video.

Thanks for looking :slight_smile:


This was great!

I’m not sure I understood the whole meaning or anything…I’m terrible with symbolism, but I have to give it to ya…the animation was great along with the lighting and modeling! Keep up the GREAT WORK!

“If its really a supercomputer, how come bullets don’t bounce off when I shoot it???”

magiciandude: I really appreciate you taking the time to comment on this, and thank you very much for the positive feedback. It takes a lot of energy, sacrifice, patience, and detemination to get these kinds of projects completed, so I’m always grateful to hear whenever other people can connect with my work on some level :slight_smile:


heh very cool story, but I must say that the texture on the character could be better… And som parts of the animation could also be better, expecialy where he fals. 3-4 Stars :smiley:

Lasphere: Thanks for the feedback. About the textures: in the animation challenge at Blender Artists entries often include models with basic materials or even without any materials. I just kept it very simple here to get basic ideas across within the limited time I had to work on it. Overall the animation is meant to be quirky in tone and look and not meant to be as natural as, for example, the main character if compared to a human, since this is a wooden character in a dreamlike world more about symbols and ideas. I have a bunch of ideas to sort through for this series, and I’ll continue working on all aspects of the presentation. It’s not easy work, animation, but it is very exciting and challenging.


I liked it a lot, it is very fun to see, with the ‘dreamy’ music (can’t find another name for it). It is nicely animated, except the ‘falling part’, but that was also commented.

I am curious, I saw you use free (open source) software. I too use it a lot, on my Windows machine. What is you OS, is it Windows or Linux? I used both Linux and Windows. I personally find Linux better in use. The reason why I’m using Windows, is that I also would like to play a game every now and then. (before I unintentionally fire up another OS discussion, most games you buy in a store are for Windows only…)



jackuss: Thanks for the feedback, jackuss. I use both Windows and Linux, more Windows in my day to day work. I have had particular success with the Ubuntu and Slackware distros. Live Linux distros are always fun to try too :slight_smile:


Nice job, your work always has some meaning that is rarely found on the forums. Your animation is a little too smooth at some points, like on the treadmill. Walk cycle needs work- run cycle looked decent. There was a lot of body motion in your character- maybe too much. A lot of people have problems with moving too little of their character, but it seems that you move too much.

Basically, all you have to do is get your character’s movements to be a little more realistic. Oh, and I think you should make the shoulder spheres rotate with the arms also.

I always enjoy seeing your art, and I hope to see more animation from you.


I agree with Alden: I like that your work tells a story, and one that is open to the viewer’s interpretation.

My thots on this work: I like that the character has a bellybutton. I do wish that he/she had eyes, tho. I know it would be hard to do, but its difficult to connect with the character w/out them.

Also, the treadmill wasn’t immediately identifiable. Only when the character started walking on it in the end (itself difficult to realize, since you couldn’t see his legs) that I guessed that was what it was. I found the increasing energy to the lightbulb not well portrayed visually at the end. It got brighter and bigger, then just went black until it exploded… perhaps some progression of color/size (like red->yellow->white) 'til it washed out the whole scene right before the “pop”. ?

Good work, tho. Congrats on successfully taking on the challenge of character anim! Look forward to future episodes.