From topology back to sculpting

I understand that going from sculpting to topology is changing the mesh quads to tris. After I did topology sculpting, I end up with a model that is completely ‘broken’, that I cannot use for texturing or else.
How do I smooth the topology so as to get a usable model?

Dynamic topology sculpting makes triangles, which is fine since you’re only interested in the shape at that point. Going from dyntopo sculpting to actual usable topology will require a retopology step. That is when you use the sculpted shape as a base to lay down the needed topology. Going from usable topology back to sculpting and preserving the topology would mean using multiresolution modifier with sculpting.

I understand but until now all my attempts to use multiresolution on a dynamic topology mesh led me to out of control mesh. Just trash. I have looked at videos on topology but they are step motion and I could not understand what is doing what at that level. For example the inflate brush in inflate mode, in fact deflate the surface!! and in deflate mode just do the opposite… for example the mesh I am working on (see attachment) I need to refine the topology but if I go to multires and try to do dynatopo then I destroy the mesh without being able to recover it. i must be missing something basic here but I can’t find out where or what?


From my understanding dyntopo and multi-res sculpting are mutually exclusive: You would not dyntopo sculpt on a multi-res mesh or apply a multi-res modifier to a dyntopo sculpted mesh.

The workflow would be (as JA12 already pointed out):

  1. dyntopo sculpt (sketching phase / finding shapes)
  2. re-topo
  3. multi-res sculpt (detailing / finessing the shapes)

Oh OK I see. But re-topo means using sculpting tool only ? I experience strange behavior with sculpting at this time, maybe something has changed…
with dynotopo I find hard to control shapes, when in front view it is ok, but then soon as I switch to side view I have strong deformations in one or the other axisi y/x or even Z…
But thanks for your precisions

Not at all. Re-topo means building a new, lower resolution mesh with a clean topology on top of the mess that resulted from sculpting…:wink:

Re-topo is basically using all your standard mesh tools and the fancy new re-topo tools of Blender 2.6x combined with surface snapping. There are some tutorials for re-topo in blender on, some of them free (if you are not a member of blendercookie - I can highly recommend it…).