from veins to cracks....creating the right illusion

Please have a look at the enclosed pic, which is a bumpmapped stone texture, from a castle wall that I am working with. However, as you will notice, there is something wrong about this stone, it looks like veins or something that sticks out of the stone.
They are actually cracks and small holes IN the stone, so they should not be hit by the light as is the case on the picture. Do you get me?
Turning the enclosed picture up side down(180 degrees) does not give a convincing result either in the 3d scene(even though it does in Photoshop)
What settings should I change in order to achieve this effect?

The pics below show:

  1. a screen shot of the castle wall as it appears in my 3d scene
  2. the shot turned 180 degrees in photoshop. I want the 3d scene to look like this, but I am not able to achieve it, even if I change the original texture photo in blender to the one below


so you’re using normal maps to get that effect? If so, switch the direction (?) of the normal maps. The “nor” button has a little light gray square & dark gray square on the right of it. If the upper is light, click to switch to lower, etc.

Under your texture tab, I am assuming you’ve enabled “Nor” to achieve the bump effect. Click “Nor” once more, should turn yellow, and make the bump make do the opposite direction. or you could take the image into Photoshop, and invert the colors.

if youre on 2.5 change the nor value to a negative value.

and don’t import from 2.49
or you wont have the new algo for the bump map!

you can change it in the console panel - but it’s a bit difficult to find it
so better do it directly in 2.5

happy 2.5