from where does the light stem??(hidden light source)

what might cause light in my scene considering the fact that I only render one layer and in this layer I have no light sources
I have deleted all “worlds” and the mesh does not emit light. And for all times sake I have removed/deleted all light sources in the entire scene.
What could it be? and is there a method to check out whether some silly light force has hid itself somewhere?(having said that, the scene is very simple, so I don´t think that this is what causes the light)

If you want some help don’t make it as difficult as possible for people to help you.
I don’t know how many times I’ve said this ATTACH A BLEND FILE TO YOUR POST.

I don´t know how to make it small enogh to upload it. The file now has a size of 250 MB, and even though I keep removing scenes, mesh etc to minimize size, its hard to make it meet the demands, perhaps someone could tell me how to “cut down” size most effectively…?

Do you have Ambient Occlusion on?

No, I haven´t:eek:

this is crazy;-) , managed to fix it myself, by moving the mesh to another layer, and thereby emptying the previous layer, only to find out that moving the mesh did not remove the “dot” so it wasn´t empty :-o. Nothing visible however, I selected the layer and removed whatever content there might have been(apparently a light and some other stuff…
Crazy how things can hide without apparently showing on any panel etc…,

Anyway, I would still like to know what people do in order to effectively reduce file size, because I agree that it is better to upload a file for assitance…

one thing to reduce size easily is to compress the file to a .zip, .7z, .tar.gz, etc.

Make sure blender is set to compress your file. 2.49 it’s in the file menu, 2.53 it’s in user preferences under the file menu. This can help some, but won’t reduce 250mb down to a post-able size. Another choice is an offsite file host - rapidshare, 4shared, etc…

A couple of hints for finding stuff you can’t see - try alt-h - to unhide anything that was hidden with the h-key. Also, a trip thru the outliner can help you located hidden objects.