From Words to Illustration (FromW2I)

I few days back I took a look at my drawings and noticed that almost all of them are studies on how to draw an eye, a hand, etc., or tests with certain materials, but I’m short in more or less complete and original drawings that could be useful later as concept art or illustrations.

So to help me change this pattern, I thought I could take a sentence or paragraph from a public domain or free book I like (or write my own) and make the best of my skills to illustrate any of the ideas on it. One illustration per week would be great.

For people wanting to join this practice, I leave the following conventions I’ll follow.


  • One thread per paragraph.
  • The title of the thread should start with "FromW2I: " plus a chunk of the sentence or first sentence of the paragraph (just to make them unique).
  • Include the author and title of the book from which you took the sentence or paragraph.
  • Add a link to this thread, so that new people can read more about the practice.
  • All users can create a thread, at any time.
  • All users can illustrate the paragraph they want to, no matter their skills.

For an example, take a look at this thread.

Great idea! I will definitely try this out when I’ve got time. Looks like a nice way to improve traditional art skills.


May I suggest Yeats’ Byzantium as a topic at some point.

@Robo3Dguy: great! I hope you get some time soon :slight_smile:

@ben: yes, that’s the idea. If you like Byzantium, you create a new thread to illustrate any part of that poem and hopefully more people will join with their own illustrations of the text you selected.

So basically, we can post with our illustration in each thread, except it has to pertain to the topic and each different piece of literature equals an new thread?

Petrichor: yes.