From world enviroment to inside a building

How do I make the transition from a world map to inside of a building when I press an action button near a building and the game will load the next scene with the player inside the building?

Huh? What I understand is that you want " A Model " To appear in another room when you press " A " For example ? With a Transition ?

If so then why not just make the main scene / were you have all the buildings roads ect…
And then in logic bricks just make it so when you hit " A " Just make a plane become visible infront of the camera " Parent the effect " But instead of just making it visible make it fade in then go to the building room and when the new scene starts infront of the camera make another plane parented but make it fade out.

Sorry if I suck at explainations but thats me I would have made an example but I have only like 5 more minutes on then I am off.

Or you can make the building then the buildings door can be another model with prop " Door "
Then on your chareceter add logic Bricks like " Collision [ Door ] >>> And >>> set scene [ What ever your scene is called ]

if not then I will make you an example tommorow after school :wink:

you know when you play game like resident evil, every time you got through a door the game will load the next environment… I wish to make something like that. when my character entry from the world environment to a room. To also save the processing power.

K then now that I know what you are looking for. I will make an example for you tommorow depending what I am doing tommorow though. Unless someone else helps you out. But this should be easy example. :wink:
Going to sleep now cya


No problem! Thanks man.

This example dose not work with 2.43 only with 2.41. Well for me anyways. So you might need 2.41

View this thread here :


After it has finished loading read the post that talks about Resident evil door example. There you will find the download link.
Quick example I made buggy. Dose the job like 95 % of the time. I made it in 10 minutes so it sucks. Just made it to give you an idea on 1 way it can be done using logic bricks.

I will be making another 1 of theses examples later on this week with no bug’s ect… but I have no time right now. Hope you enjoy it and hope this was what you were looking for :wink:



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So I need to build my 2nd scene together with my other scene to use the ‘Scene’ data block? I’m using 2.43 so there are some problem like when I’m at the inside scene I can’t walk around. How can I load my character to the 2nd scene?

ok… my problem now is how to remove/reset the object when my player move away from the sensors.