From Youtube to Blender: Forensic facial reconstruction of a child mummy

Dear friends

Some days ago I started a new forensic facial reconstruction. I download a video from Youtube and extracted the frames that showed some slices of a CT-Scan.

The result of the work was this:

The process was this (pt_BR but you can understand the pictures):

A simulation of an old painting using Gimp:

The source video:

How convert a CT-Scan video into a 3D mesh:

I hope you enjoy.

A big hug!

Bravo !!, very good work, is very, very interesting. iam gonna learn more about that right now :). This is another thing why i like Blender, so near of science, art, and programming.


Is looking good, the topology is great and you have nice skills but I don`t understand why would you do that? (to reconstruct a mummy) Sounds scary. lol

Hi Skaldy! Thanks very much.

You can found good articles here:

A big hug!

Hi AlinB!

Thank you too! This is not scary, this is fun :slight_smile:

A big hug!

Its nice from you that you give us big hugs lol. I like your work from you blog too. Its nice to see for how many purposes you can use blender. :slight_smile:

I LOVE the fusion of Art and Science…as when the case is around Forensic stuff.