FromW2I: The shaman is immersed in his ritual...

This is an excercise based on the thread “From Words to Illustration (FromW2I)”. The idea is to create an illustration based on the text below.

The shaman is immersed in his ritual; he inhales the smoke of the supernatural mixture; his body curves in tense figures while he mumbles and looks at the summoned beings that answer his call. The Gods of war are with him. Full of courage and confidence, he turns to the Spanish army and observes them maliciously. It is time. Sounding a war cry, he runs towards the specular mass that stands in awe, awaiting uncertainly. Guarcama moves on with closed eyes and a victorious feeling. Then, his body collides against the steel and falls over the greatness of his spectral and ethereal warriors. Immersed in his ancestral illusions Guarcama died, fastened to Mother Earth by an Iberian spear.Translation from Vientos Eternos by Keren Bat Milgrom.

I’m having problems to pass from sketches to finals :frowning: