[ front end loader ] - [ 35 Minutes ]




Jeepster, your vehicles are always insanely awesome…

I like lumpycows a lot but i had to vote for jeepsters cause its more intracate

me too. lumpycow’s is very cute. and also the surfaces look great.
but Jeepster’s is just amazing - how can this be done in 35 mins?
and rendering time does not count, right?

Rendring does not count, but you have a 20 min deadline on rendering aswell. Awsome work all, but i had to go for jeepster on this one.

how can this be done in 35 mins?

i just get a reference pic and kinda trace it with a plane on all the different parts and extrude alot :slight_smile:

a rather hard one…

congrats to all, it seems to me like you’re all improving quite well! very nice models!

i really really really really really liked the last one! its my fav =)