Front end of a 68 Ford Mustang GT (updated)

Here is my latest work! I would like some honest critique please, and any suggestions are great.

Modelled, rendered, and edited in Blender.

(New Pix)
Ill have an updated picture of the main render up soon
Grill material better?

Thanks for looking!


Now this is truly photographic.

You should change a material of that grille. Otherwise its very realistic. What year it is supposed to be 67-68?

Thanks danilius.

Its a 68. What would you suggest for the grill material?

I should have some wires and other views up pretty soon.

Yeah so I went over the model and found a lot of stuff I should change. So im just going to put this in the focused critique section.

Either increase the anit-aliasing or turn the materials ztransp on or off to try to get rid off that rough white edge around some of the meshes. Fantastic work. Really.

Thank you, the rough edges are actually reflections of windows, I did turn up the anti aliasing but it still looked the same.

nice work dude. i like it. perhaps, you could decrease the reflection on the horse a lil bit…IMHO

Thanks! I might try that, I kinda like the way it is now though.

The only way to understand it’ s a 3D model is that is too perfect, maniacally perfect ; )

Great, I’ve also built the mustang logo quite a while back. Though mine a built from a newer mustang where the logo was a bit more rounded off when it comes down to detail. Detail wise yours looks a bit sharp on the edges of detail.

Other than that, looks brilliant! Great work! :slight_smile: