Front end of a 68 Ford Mustang

I originally had this in the finished project section but decided to redo some stuff.

Some honest C&C would be great! what I really need help on is the materials and lighting. Also the reflections, do they look ok to you?

Hear is a render, its before I made some changes so ill provide a few more pictures and a blend file.

Mustang Grill new.blend (1.2 MB)

I think this looks awsome, a little more so since I’m a mustang lover! As far as some critiques, I think the plastic looks a bit flat, it needs some sort of texture, or more depth if there is a texture there. I like the lighting setup, it makes it look like a night shot, although some of the reflections seem to look a bit fuzzy, mostly the bottom lip. The other think I see is that mabey the depth of field seems a bit too strong, mabey widen it enough to include the whole pony and its corral.

Thanks for the reply! I made some changes, mostly changed the modelling and added a bumper. I think you right about the DOF so I decreased that some. as for the reflections, that’s how they were in all my reference pictures. What do you mean a texture? like some scratches?

I was taking a guess that the material behind the emblem is plastic, and if it is, a noise texture that affects the bump slighty would help it to not look so flat, it’s worth a try. Still love the concept and the modeling is top notch.

Thank you very much!

Ohh you mean the actual grill? Hmm im not sure if its plastic or not, ill have to look into that. But yeah a noise texture would help.

Ok well I think it is plastic on the real car. yeah so definitely some bump maps on the grill and maybe the emblem. Does anyone else have any critiques or comments? Id greatly appreciate them. I guess I kinda have a goal to get this in the gallery.