Front of House

I’m working on a scene where I will be showing a portion of a landscaped yard and the front of a home. The scene should be at night. Here is what I have so far.

Almost no textures yet. Been modeling off and on for a few days.

Any feedback, let me know. I’ll post my progress.

Nice, I grew up in the hood, so mine might be a bit more, shall we say, dirty.

art, I grew up a good amount of time in the hood too. Mine wasn’t so much dirty as it was constantly being broken into.

Here is an update. I added a slate walkway and some gravel/sand as well.

The purpose of this image is to use on my company website. I need to show a security sign in a front yard. Like the small ones people put near their doors or in a planter. I’ll add the sign last when I decide what angle I like and when I’m happy with the rest of the image.

Here is my most recent image. I’ve added a couple things. I added a light inside the house. There isn’t anything else in there yet, but I plan on adding blinds and additional lights from inside.

I also added some “thread grass.” Didn’t know that was what it was called. Those are the little furry plants. I’ve seen this used in desert and contemporary landscapes.

Added some blinds and a couple more plants.

Going to add some different kinds of plants next.

Any pointers?

Looking good :slight_smile: Maybe there is to much light behind the door. It looks like there is one big room behind the door and windows, no separating wall. But maybe it’s just to me, bacuse in Hungary we have really small forefronts.

Thanks HunGunar. You are correct in that there are no separating walls inside yet. As I go along, I start to realize additional details that are necessary.

Having a glass door means I’ll need to add some decorative elements in the forefront as well.

Added some agave plants…

I reworked the topology of the house. Decreased the angle of the roof to about 20 degrees. Also added some additional details to the roof.

Next step, textures for the walls.

Beginning to texture the house. This is my first attempt at adding a stacked stone facade. I need to make some adjustments to the diffuse color of the stone and turn down the bump map.

I think I’m almost done. Going to add a few details inside the house.

Could use some critiques or ideas if anyone has them. Feel free.

Very nice scene, but brighten it back up! It’s too dark now!

I changed the lighting completely. Turned out all but one light inside the house.

Also added the security sign (which was the whole point to create this scene in the first place). The sign has too much focus for the scene, but its necessary.

Here is pretty much the final scene. Just a couple more adjustments to make. Then I’m going to render it at 5000 samples to reduce the noise.

1500 samples. 50 minutes. Millions of vertices. Most of which are in the grass and plants.

Ok. Done with this for now.

This final render:
6000 samples / 3hr 26min / Cycles / GPU (GTX 560Ti)

Completely done now. All cropped and ready to put on my website.