Frost on sprout

Hi,I’ve just finished a simple natural view.
Model in Blender 2.61 and render with cycles.
I hope you like that.


looks good, my only critique would be the large drops(particle system, or array)
you should make some random size looks a bit to uniform.
if you go into the particle system settings you can set the random size amount.

Thanks dude for your comment.I used 3 diffrent particles for the frosts,but I didn’t change the randomsize for bigger frost because i thaght maybe that was look better however it seems your advice is better.

…I agree with the uniformity critique. I would also like to add additionally that the composition needs some work too, the flower looks out of place, or the stalk, one of them. perhaps, have a few flowers (rotated by 90degrees) blurred in the background, as if they are standing up straight. maybe also add a stalk off this one, to make as if it is part of an actual plant. Scene just seems a little stuck together at the moment.

Can’t critique the modelling/texturing etc. lokks great!

thanks Slypokie for your comments.useful ideas :slight_smile:

here is a tut that covers this and random size)if other people needed this skill

(part2 starts about 12min into it)