• Frostbite • (3D weapon)


Frostbite is a small caliber pistol designed to be used in cold and snowy environments. With its sleek, icy design and lightweight frame, it’s perfect for quick and accurate shots. The pistol’s barrel is made of high-grade steel and features a specialized coating that prevents freezing, allowing the shooter to fire in extreme temperatures. Its advanced trigger system enables rapid-fire, making it a reliable weapon for close-range combat. Despite its small size, the Frostbite packs a punch, delivering powerful shots that will leave enemies shivering in fear.

Modeled, textured and rendered by Vlad | 3Design.

Base gun concept based on the gun tutorial made by Alexei Kolb.

Textured with Fluent Materializer and Sanctus.

Made in Plasticity & Blender.



Looks great!

My only critique is the wrap around, seamless wooden grips. That would be a manufacturing nightmare, but it looks real cool!

Also, The chromatic aberration is distracting, your modeling and texturing are so good, you don’t need to hide them with post processing effects.


Thank you for the kind words and feedback, SterlingRoth! Really appreciate that you took your time to give such an amazing feedback! Got it! Always learning, always improving! :blue_heart:

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To my untrained and inexperienced eye the lighting and the base materials seem okay, however I don’t find it realistic that the edges of the gun have experienced wear and tear but the rest of the gun’s surface is in mint condition, and the wood grain (if it is wood) on the handle seems too small and plasticky. You might want to address that. On the other hand, when I think about it, if the pistol grip is really made out of wood you should know that it is not the best material for enduring extreme temperatures since it expands and contracts easily, therefore it might be better choice for you to switch it to a polymer material and a light gray at that so that it complements the gun’s aesthetics and purpose.


Thank you, you are right! The edge wear is still something that I experiment a lot. Everything is textured procedurally and it is a pain to control where to add edgewear and where to not have it. But will get there eventually.

Thank you for your amazing feedback, MediumSolid! Really appreciate it!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!