frosted glass

im looking for a way to turn a plane in to a smooth piece of frosted glass, like in an office, where you can see shadows, or vague shapes. thanks.

yea… try to be more clear next time please.
use raytracing spot. with alpha and raytransp. using a texture, it gonna work well.
i can’t realy explan it now. take this blend as exemple. check material of both planes and setting of the spot. render to see result. here
ask question if something is not clear.

sorry i wasnt clear…i want somehting like what’s pictured here
where its harder to see things farther away.

u shuold try somthing volumetric… using dupliframe (maybe) so there’ll be lot’s of duplicates of the vesal going smaller and smaller. it should have a small akpha value.

Theres a version of blender with distributed raytracing that allows you to do this (blurry relfection and refraction)

uh, the link was taken down…

why did not they include the distrib. raytracer into the current release of blender? to bad…


Is this the effect you were looking for?

To do this, first make your pane of glass. Then add a new material to it. Add a new texture. Switch to the texture buttons and make this texture a clouds texture, and lower the noisesize down as much as you can (0.000). Switch back to the material buttons. In the map to tab, turn off col and turn on nor. Now, make the color of the material white and turn the alpha down to 0.25. Lower the specularity, and turn emit to 0.5 (this makes the glass appear frosted instead of just bumpy). Now switch to the mirror transp tab. Turn on ray transp and put the IOR to 1.52. Now, as long as I haven’t forgotten anything, you have your frosted glass material. Don’t forget to turn on raytracing in the render buttons.

yeah, that works. thank you.

that’s a neat effect, B Manx

you can also get an interesting effect by doing that turning on shadeless for the glass…

thanks for sharing…


hmm, i prefer shadeless off. But, if you increase NoiseSize for the cloud texture, an intresting water- effect is had.

I modified the frosted glass to get DOF:
Sorry for the bad compression