Frostmourne. My very first work

Hello everyone.
I was dreaming about to learn how to draw from childish age, but it just was not mine thing. All I can draw are very simple things like a human with a circle as a head… But while I was studying in university I’ve realized that making bluprints is very simple for me, even very complicated ones. So, what the hell? Why I can’t draw something like a tree just by hand and at the same time I can draw a schematic of some very complicated machine? I still don’t know an answer for this question.
However, I am going to try something in 3d. I’ve watched some tutorials and got familiar with blender’s interface. So here is my very first work in pregress ever:

I’m trying to draw this sword:
And here are some quick renders after some work, no materials assigned yet:

Please comment.
And sorry for my bad english.:o

Things I noticed - The edge of the hilt part pointing at the blade doesn’t look as sharp as it should to me. Also the other two edges on the hilt, well… check this image:
Note the angle :slight_smile:
Also you might want to change the lighting setup so as to highlight the edges of the sword better…
Otherwise it’s shaping up great so keep it up!
Aaaaand welcome to BA :slight_smile:

“frostmourne hungers” the fun of warcraft For some strange reasons whenever I see that sword I can’t help but hum the undead music.

nice work thus far though I will reserve judgement until the goat head and other details go on top. Swords are not exactly that hard to make but this one will be tricky when it comes to the details. Though its a fantasy sword and all those studs and collars on the handle must make it a pain to hold.

Hello again and thanks for the comments

That is probably because I’ve used a bit different image as a background reference… I can’t say which is better though. I think there always should be a place for improvisation without following exact lines of the original picture. :wink:

Ofcourse it’s not very hard to model a sword. But when it’s your very first try, it is. And especially when you have no idea how to draw things even on a paper.

This time I made couple of rings at the handle and a little curved blade. Most hard work ahead and I don’t know how to do it. I think I’ll try sculpting for the skull with horns.

I’m a big fan of warcraft 3. True that this sword is amazing. Your model is really starting to be pretty kool. Waiting to see your next update :).

The main thing that would pull this piece together is the texturing and the goat head details, also, the center of the pommel curves outwards in the reference, but in your model it is curved inwards. Being able to read blueprints must be a blessing for you, 'cause one look at those things and I’ve yet to understand which way is up. But if you still want to try to draw, try the book drawing on the right side of the brain, and it helps a ton. Keep it going!

this is your first time? you learn fast good job I’m impressed