Frozen (Cactus)

Frozen (Cactus)

Hi everyone, this is my latest work.
Using verities modifier: Arry, Curve to build the basic model, Cast, and SimpleDeform to shaping the cactus, and apply with procedural material. Background is HDRI.
C&C are welcome, hope you guys enjoy, happy blending, thanks. :o

wow - this looks terrific! the cactus spines look especially good with the nice size variation. did you have to apply the spines manually, or did you figure another way to place them?

ok great picture, but why the title? “Frozen”

I model a part of cactus and assign one vertex as vertex group for particle used as image above show. Then I used array, curve, etc modifiers to build up the final shape of cactus which allow me to skip to process of manually select and apply spines. Hope this help to answer the question, thanks.:yes:

I call it frozen because the silhouette depict a character from “Frozen”.

I didn’t include those arms and buttons and face, thanks. :stuck_out_tongue: