"Frozen" inspired animation

This is a test animation of Frozen-like ice magic.
It’s rendered in cycles.

Looks quite nice, you should try putting it into a little scene :slight_smile:

Thanks alot

Very nice!

What are the elements for particle animation like this? I plan to start particles so I need to know what to look at to begin with.

Well this was actually a test for a motion-tracked short film that never came to be. I might revisit this idea in the future :wink:

Well this animation was done with particle emitter that is a curve transformed to mesh with a keyframed build modifier. That’s just one way I went about doing it. I’m sure there are tons of other ways of doing it, and better at that.
Also one key element to making this animation look good is when the particles start falling (via keyframed gravity) there’s also a keyframed turbulence force field that makes the particles fling all over the place.
If you are into particles there are tons of youtube tutorials that show the basics, and after you understand that it’s all really playing with settings, forcefields and things of that nature.
I started doing particle systems not too long ago and I have to say it’s really fun just to mess around with settings in blender and see what kind of simulation comes out the other end. :slight_smile:

It is really nice considering that you didn’t spend at lest 3 months learning it :slight_smile: Looks like I will get attached to blender more and more over time.