Frozen Legacy (WIP)

So this is a character and scene I’ve been working on for a little while. I’m planning to do a full tutorial series in PDF and video formats about this when finished, featuring all the basics of character creation, from modelling, sculpting, texturing, rigging, etc.

First I want some critique, however. I’m finishing up my character, I just want some thoughts. The only other thing I’m thinking about doing is adding some light snow flakes falling. Thanks!


Awesome character and environment, I’m definitely gonna read through (or watch) your tutorial when the time comes.

Some critique:
There’s something about his eyes, maybe they are a bit far apart, maybe he needs some subtle eyebrows. There’s just something that looks strange to me, but I’m not sure what it is, exactly.

Also, his right bicep, I can’t tell what’s causing it, but it looks a little weird, could be the texture or the light.

As for the swords, I don’t see why he would carry 3 identical swords. Obviously it’s easier to reuse the model, but I think he would either have 1 on his back and 1 in his hand, or he would have both on his back. If he carried 3 blades, the third one would most likely be a dagger of some sort. Though I get that you want to show off the sword. He could also have 2 of a different blade on his back, and have the one he’s holding sheathed in his belt. (not sheathed in the actual render, but that’s where it would go, when he sheathes it, if you catch my drift.)

Some blocky shadows in the bottom right corner.

Those are my opinions anyway, good luck with the finishing touches!

Agree with all Nimtrix critics, then i would do the background a little darker.

A great work

Only thing for me is the background, it stands out as much as the main character and takes the eyes away from him/her too much.

Okay an update:

  1. Messed with the swords a bit
  2. Changed up the background, didn’t really darken it, but I’ve added a more atmospheric effect, which I think brings some more attention to the character.
  3. Added snow.
  4. Tweaked the eyes, something is still wrong. I’ve got them looking down, eyelids slightly moved down also… but something isn’t right. Also changed the eye color and brightened em a bit. I’ve moved them slightly closer together on the head also.

Hmm, I think the problem with the face is that he has some feminine features. (TonyC3D says “him/her” in the post above, so I think he’ll agree with me) You can try to make his cheekbones more defined and move them up a bit, widen the chin, scale up the eyes some more. His mouth could be wider, his teeth a bit bigger maybe?

Your character kind of reminds me of the Qunari race from the Dragon Age games:

Now this guy has a VERY masculine face. I’m not saying copy him, but I just wanted to give you some idea of what I’m talking about.

Here’s another reference pic showing male vs female features: (look at lip shape as well)

Nice changes btw, but I can’t help but think he should have the sword that’s different in his hand and the identical ones on his back. :slight_smile:

The 2 big issues I see are his position in the frame and his pose.

He should be shifted towards the left of the frame so his face and the ice crystal thing are closer to the centre, as they are clear focal points.

His pose looks way too stiff. I’d say this is because his spine is dead straight. Try twisting it a bit and angling the hips/shoulders so they aren’t parallel with each other.

Okay made some changes to the face:

Made the teeth bigger, adjusted the shape of the eyes, made the cheeks pop out a little, adjusted the chin slightly. All slight changes.

I’ve adjusted the pose a little bit, hopefully he doesn’t seem as rigid. Also, he’s not centered because it’s difficult to fit him and the sword in the frame. I had tried to make him fit in the frame with the sword, but it felt like he was a bit cramped, so I’ve moved the arm out a bit. Adjusted the background and saturation of the character to bring him out a little more.

Its looking tons better now shuk, however the crystal doent seem to sit right in his hand, it looks like he is balancing it on his finger tips.
Maybe if it was down a bit and to the left to sit smugly on the palm? maybe you want it where it is for a reason I dont know, but thats the only thing off for me now. great work all the same , Im really in awe.