Frozen Runtime on .exe file

Hello everyone, I’m new in this forums. I was wondering if any of you guys have experienced the game file ever stuck in midrun or freeze. all game that i have made into exe freezed.
I’m using WinXP SP2, Blender 2.43.

Hi flat_angel
Welcome to blender community.
Now for business:
You say all the .exe’s you make get stuck. If you make too big files it may take time to load. If this is the problem try out a simple thing such as saving the default blender file into runtime and run it and see if it gets stuck.
You say that it stucks in the middle - blender will give a Error box most of the time - it won’t just get stuck - atleast that is my experience.
And does blender alone get stuck or your whole computer gets stuck - can you exit blender by pressing ESCAPE key.
Your problem is not specific and there are many possiblities

The dos screen did not display any errors at all. It seems that the game is still running but only the image displayed is frozen, even the simple rotating cube can freeze. The whole computer is ok, I can close the game when ever i want.

That’s weird, I have no soloution mate, but ye have me sympathies…

Just try to make some runtimes with some demo games that you see in this site. See whether they run.
just anything which you didn’t make. just download something and try it out.

Yes! I got it to run it fully. the problems I have got something to do with Game --> Enable All Frames. Everytime I compile with this on, it stuck. The runtime run smoothly when it is off. now I can continue my Project. :smiley: :smiley:

Good to see that you have solved the problem
Happy blendering :slight_smile: