Frozen Time

First attempt at texturing…Comments and suggestions please

It’s a pretty piece. Your first attempt? Better than most things I’ve ever done.

Voronoi Crackle crazing around the glass edges opposite the hole is maybe too uniform, should bunch around the fracture lines more and thin out as it reaches larger unshattered expanses. Same element maybe needs an very slightly offset copy of itself( or maybe just the same texture driving normals) or some ior in a darker shade to give it the same sense of depth the rest of the piece has.

Nicely done .

wow great job! i like the mean! “frozen time”… :). I like crack. but the other cracks (that’s side) looks bad. it’s like spider web.
except them, dirty and rust very realistic! and… “blender” lettering (:yes:)…

i assume that the “spideer webs” should be ice flowers?
Awesome work :slight_smile:

Really cool, if you want something to work on here are some suggestions:
something about the bells doesn’t feel right, does it have bump and/or spec maps as the other metal parts do? I think a fill light would do some good, the shadows look absolutely black. The highlight at the top of the glass should maybe be affected by the crack somehow? distorted a little or something on one side. I’m not completely buying the web-thing at the edges of the glass, are they needed?

You mean “1st ever attempt at texturing a 3D model” or 1st attempt on this particular mesh ?
It looks extremely nice !

yeah first attempt at texturing a 3d model :slight_smile:

even i feel the same with the crackle…Will see how it looks without the crackle…

Wow. You’re freaking amazing if this is your first. Pixar should be knocking at your door! :slight_smile:

Huh, you are so good at this! I hope that some day I will learn to texture like that!

Great piece!

You can expand the scene to have some old book , old drawing pen …sketches etc Give it a message and atmosphere.

lovely work. looks real

absolute nice. Don’t give up. I am sure you find your way.

Thank you so much guys :slight_smile:

Sure Numarul…i’m working on it :slight_smile:

Nice image. I’d like to make a couple of little suggestions. I would have given the glass a small tint of yellow colour. The condition of the glass suggests it’s very old but the ‘cold’ hue of the glass makes it look like new glass.

And secondly what would really sell the scene would be a few tiny bits of dislodged rust and grit on the floor around the clock as if someone had set it down in that [clean] scene. Or if you intend to say the clock has been there for a long time I’d make the floor extremely dusty and maybe add one or two ancient bits of cobwebs under the clock.

Overall though great job!

Very cool!