Frozen water

This is the result of fiddling around with the water simulation, which is absolutely fascinating. And incredibly frustrating as times as well.

I simply liked the position of all the water at that point, so rendered it with BI.

Lighting: HDRI (Fh_HDRI-Pack1-22.hdr from here), Environment Lighting set to 0.1, curved backdrop with heavily blended spotlight pointed at it.

1920 x 1980 link


Wow, i like it! What are your computer specs? My computer cant seem to render something of this quality (ie: it crashes)…

great work …

I like it really looks like frozen water

Wow, that is BI? Amazing. I thought it might be an external renderer at first, the water looks so… watery :slight_smile: Good job.

@fpsgod17, I used a laptop with 4GB of RAM.
@tiger2011, Psychotic C: thanks, and enjoy the wallpaper!
@ Andreu: the BI continues to amaze me at times, despite the fact I have Octane as well as cycles.