Frozone gets MAD at awards!

A Blender animation of Frozone losing his temper when accepting an award. Rendered in Eevee.


wow that really sounds like Samuel L Jackson

nice :wink: something not looking alright with the weighting of the rig by the arm and chest. It is a common place to get undesired results especially when moving the arm close to the body , it cause the side of the chest to sink in.

I normally use auto weighting and to get around this exact issue , I looked at mixamo and other auto rig systems and saw they place a bone from the spine to the armpit. This causes weight to not all go the the top arm bone and you get much better weighting. without having to do any manual weight painting.

Here you can look at this , I just did two small extra bones to help control this issue and did a auto weight bake. As can be seen it has great results. I can assure you without those extra bones there the top arm would also cause the chest to have issue when the top arm is rotated down.

ps you can view the bones in the sketchfab viewer inspector

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Hey, what happened to your YouTube page and all those wonderful videos? :cry: