I tried to render a little animation at 10 frames a second, but the movie is too slow when it is played…

How can I make 10 Fr/s videos that would play at normal speed please?


there are several reasons a movie could play slow, and the blender play back usualy plays slow the first time through for me. have you watched the animation loop? maby the images are a higher resolution than your computer can handle?

No no, i’m talking about a rendered animation… :wink:

What you want to do with this is use the Time IPO. It is explained pretty well in the documentation:

The basic idea is that it uses the slope of the IPO to determine how fast it should be running. The x-value is the frame number of the object’s IPO and the y-value is the global frame number divided by 10. (I hope I have that right; someone correct me if I don’t.)
So to make everything move at half speed, you would add a point at (1, 0.1) in the Time IPO (use N to set it exactly), then set another one at, say, (100, 5). (You have to divide the desired y-value by 10. So to have it at normal speed, you would use (100, 10) because 100/10=10.) Set Extend Mode to Extrapolation.

Then select just the Time IPO, copy it to buffer (the arrow pointing downwards in the header) and paste it (arrow pointing upwards) to all the objects in your scene. And then set your endframe to half of what it is.

Hope this helped. I don’t have Blender on the computer I’m on right now, though, so I might be wrong about a few things; I’m just going off of what I can remember.

When doing scene-wide speed change, it’s much easier to use Map Old/Map New.

See this:



D’Oh! See my inefficient technique? This is what I get for not spreading joy to all computers I use…

(Going to download it right now…)

[Edit in response to Nunud since really short posts look funny to me]I was just referring to how inefficient my technique would be compared to the Map Old/Map New method. But with the Time IPO you can speed up and slow down individual objects and also make them go backwards for some really interesting effects. It’s not very useful for what you wanted to do though.[/Edit]

I’m sorry, I was thanking both of you… :expressionless: