Fruit Bowl WIP

I am pretty much a blender noob. I’ve used blender a little bit before, but it has been a long time. I have some epic ideas I’d like to implement, but I’m finding that I’ve forgotten just about everything, so I’m starting from the ground up. Going to start with some (hopefully) simple things, so I’m going to model a fruit bowl. Should have some images later today :slight_smile:

So as a first start I created this lemon:

I made it by following the tutorial here:

Please be ruthless with your feedback, I’m sure I’ll have to remake alot of these parts before they’re good.

The only other thing I’m wondering is about the approach in the tutorial: it has you use multiresolution and subdivide the model alot. Is it really necessary to have that many polygons? Knowing how to optimize models is something I know nothing about. Also, how do I check how many polys it actually has?

is thre a sample file for this model
or can you upload it to share this lemon

the model in tut looks very nice
but it also use some sculpting to shape the ends!


Your lemon is recognizable as a lemon. I’m no fan of lemons…

Anyway, take a closer look at the end of your fruit. There’s usually some defining marks at the ends of fruit.

Thanks for the replies! I’m glad it looks like a lemon :stuck_out_tongue: Though it didn’t turn out quite as nice as the tutorial shows. I am wondering though, is there a rule of thumb for how many polys objects like this should have? Here’s how it looks in wireframe:

What do you think?

Also, I found a great-looking orange tutorial I am starting to follow from here: (

And here’s a completed orange! Kinda puts the lemon to shame :stuck_out_tongue:

Found some great blender inspiration: :smiley:

Hey, I would put some big displacements on your orange - now it’s looking like a perfect sphere.

Thanks for the feedback! I did deform it a bit before, but probably not enough. Will tweak it :slight_smile:

Here’s a little update: modelled a banana, but I’m not sure how to texture it. Not following any tutorial, but I think it turned out pretty well given I was winging it. I’m leaving the old fruits in as I finished them at the time (not updating them currently) so I can compare the results, and eventually after I’ve done enough of these, do a good version of all from scratch.

I couldn’t find a good blender banana tutorial, if anyone knows any or has texturing tips, please post them! Otherwise, I’ll probably end up texture-painting it.

The site glitched a bit, and wouldn’t let me post the image. Here’s another try:

for the lemon how do you control the size and scale for the particules circle

i get an elongated circle on the plane which is not very nice !

thanks for any help

Did you UV-unwrap your model? If they are stretched and don’t look right, make sure that you change the coordinates setting in the texture panel to UV. You can also change how many times it is tiled on the x, y, and z axes on that panel under ‘size’.