Fruit Cart

hi, this is a simple diorama of fruit cart vendor. After two months of non-productive I made this to illustrate my skill of using blender and other things that I have studied at least even though my job is far from making games. just far. But I still love to make game art and it will never end. (i make this every lunch break, rush eat then make my way to blender)

the plane on the back is 1.2m reference for the NPC.

phase 1: block out.


I did two overpaint for the concept, which one is better and why?



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B is better because there is more detail.

The scene is adorable. :slight_smile:

this looks nice,
thought I cant see a deffrent !!!

thank you, I was thinking for B with simulated water in marmoset or static render using cycles.

thanks, ill post an update hopefully today.


afternoon update: I add a tree to get the feel before proceeding to other elements.

what do you think about this tree? is it many trunks do I need to reduce or just leave it as it is?

btw. is there a viewer in blender for silhouette? its hard to get the shape well without it.


I made an update, i choose B which it has more element on the scene, what do you guys think of it? the tree looks more trunks but it will cover by scan leaves hopefully today on my free-time.

btw do you think i should sculpt more detail on the trees or leave it as it is?

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Adorable ! :heart:

I think if you add texture to the trees , then they’ll have enough detail. Along with all the leaves.

thanks, I will boolean the trunks so they will really connect then a subtle sculpting then retopology then bake and texturing inside substance painter and render using cycle or eevee, stay tuned hopefully I can finish this thing.

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  1. I did some changes on tree I make it more compatible if it will apply to a game engine like UE4 and Unity
  2. added some wave on the water, add banana fruit
  3. I resculpt the track of the cart to make it more visible

next phase:
i will add some grass and will try to generate some handpainted tree leaves, will make some small rocks.

what else do you want me to add? please do so this can help me improve and update my artstation.


Lovely scene. :slight_smile:

If you like … would you mind about some imperfections on the cart?
To my eyes, the cart has a boxy touch. Like it is created from flawless geometric primitives.

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thank you Leonard,

the other part was still on blocking phase that is why soon I will model that cart and the other part of the scene, making grass etc. I was trying to find a workflow that I can be able to make more diorama so planning to make an asset first before finishing this one, recycling object / asset is a goal for being an environment artist (least I was targeting this job)