Fruit stall

Fruit stall
it’s 6 in the morning, harsh sun, this is gonna be a hard day! Time to get the fruit in place for sell

some screenshot

the 4 fruit :smiley:

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That looks incredible!

Thanks eyalmu, worth the time! :smiley: :smiley:

The overall athmosphere and lighting are good! However i think the modeling/material of the fruits can be improved.

Well, it’s kind of away from the camera, so i made it as simple as i can, but i think you right, maybe a bit more work into it could make it a lot better :smiley: :D. Thanks mik1190 :smiley:

very nice,somehow looks like watercolor will be nice to see it partly lit by sunlight.

what do you mean by “partly lit by sunlight” ? i don’t quite get it , Can you explain in detail :smiley: ?

looks superrrr

lighting with low evening sun,with part of the fruit stall in light and part in shadow.(for a different mood)