Fruitful Reminder

Peach that is. Just thought I’d remind anyone who doesn’t check up on the blog too often, that they’re up to shenanigans in the form of their workshop - looks interesting:

That lineup scares the crap out of me. They should start a boy band maybe? What’s the guy on the right so suspicious about?

I think he ate the last cake and the rest of them are like ‘who the hell ate the last cake’ and he’s like ‘it was me but I ain’t tellin’.’ And the 3rd guy from the left is about to kick his ass but Sago’s like ‘hey, easy man’ and tries to hold him back but due to his weak thrombosis arms he has to get someone else to hold him back.

The other two with the glasses must have picked up each other’s specs so they can’t see the commotion and just stand with blank expressions, unaware of the chaos to ensue.

^ Now that’s a story. This brings me onto my main point (I always have one y’know) which is I can’t help but see some drawings of a superhero. This saddens me deeply as it’s a theme that has been way overdone.

I recently saw Pixar’s short animation about an abduction and I thought it was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. It was unique and genuinely funny. So ok the alien theme has been done a lot too and they still came up with something funny but the superhero thing just seems like it would be difficult to take a new angle on it and not have people compare it to The Incredibles.

At least it’s involving humans though, which immediately puts it above kids animated animal cartoons.