"fruity" ad design

alright so the story behind this is, my cousin who is a graphic designer was working on ads for some fruit flavored vitamin gummies. recently she asked me to help by trying to make some 3D stuff, so here is what we have made so far:

the final images will be larger, and have text above these parts. i didnt upload the full composition so as to make the content in question clearer.

comments? criticisms?

don’t care to much for the cherry and the lemon seems a bit plain, cleaning up your edges with the cherry would help and maybe putting some stems on some of them, the “O” in the lemon would look cool as a lemon, will these be layovers on a product pic? are you working with print or will these be animated? I guess it depends on the overall story board/ ad layout.I do like the apple though.

Your "Y"s have a tendency to look like "V"s.

The “Appley” one needs some work on its material. At the moment it looks more like green fingerpaint than anything resembling an apple. Are you trying to mimic the apple’s skin or its juice?

the thing about the cherry edges is the alpha, doesnt seem to render well in browsers. in my png’s, its fine. i forgot to mention the lemon is still mostly incomplete. This will be print, my cousin wants this on an 18"x24" poster. and yea i guess the Y in “lemony” is a little V-shaped, i’ll see what i can do.

its more meant to resemble the fruits’ flavors. link to the related entry on my cousin’s blog, it should make more sense now that this stuff is up:

thanks for the comments, keep 'em coming.

okay I understand now, I did wonder about the cherry being like it was as far as it’s shape goes. the green reminds me of granny smith green apples. given it’s for print any clean up should be easy as far as the alpha goes, I get that problem too.

For the cherry edge problem, are you exporting as RGBA? That might be the problem.

cherry is fine, its blenderartists that was messing it up. exported as jpg:


yeah much better