Frustrated with Blender hair and considering crossing over to xgen, unless

Not really, it´s a project I took on a few months ago when I was just starting in Blender. As for now I would probably keep it around less than half that size. As you say, too small models bring up other issues, with clothes for instance.


Can you post a screenshot of the modifier stack (Even empty) also a screenshot of your particle settings, particularly the render and viewport display tabs within the hair system.

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So this is what I´ve come up so far. I was looking for a late 70´s hairstyle.
Still struggling with the eyebrows though.

I did some tests to transfer hair from Blender to Xgen and vice versa.

Xgen has nice tools, region control to split a haircut, you can layer multiple clump and noise modifiers, but I prefer Blender brushes to comb hair.
Surprisingly, even when I use the default parameters, both software give really similar results.

Blender 2.79 script to export nurbs curves in Maya ascii format. If someone wants to update this script to Blender 2.9x, he’s welcome.

Blender can import Alembic curves from Maya

Hair guide blender addon, to convert curves to hair guides.



Thanks for this Rimasson! looks very good and can´t wait to try it.
During these last few days I´ve been giving some serious attention to Blender hair and its workarounds.
My conclusion is that the basic problem lies in the fact that we have to work with the particles themselves which can often become a serious burden to the system thus making hair grooming a very tedious and counterintuitive task when creativity and eye for detail is needed the most.
I still haven´t figured out how to make the object mode view consistent with the rendered hair. I´ve tried every suggestion in this thread and it still looks puffier and fuller, less detailed than the rendered version, so yes, I´ll keep trying to perfect it and check this addon but in the meantime I´ll be giving xgen a try to see and compare how easier it is to shape the guides instead of the hair particles.