Frustrating Animation Problem. Help!

Changed the files still no luck…

Ok, I’ve given up on this for now, going to try this on another computer and look at more tutorials to see how people did this. Thank you all for helping and if you get any idea on how this can get fixed please let me know on this thread.

Did you fix the path to the file, does it read correctly now? - without the " // " at the end.

When I look at the “path” there is only one “/” at the end not two. What I see under Strip Input in Video Editing is this: “C:\Users\Raza\Desktop\Cube Animation” It’s been showing like this since the beginning I think. Even when it’s like this it shows only the white frames.

look – zip all the images into a single file, along with the blend file and post the zip on google drive or dropbox or something so we can download it.

I’ve already posted a blend file but ok I’ll do it again with the frames. Here it is: Cube (144 KB)

see if this works…


Cube Animation (258 KB)

Try “file” “external data” “report missing files” - do you get a message about a “path” not found? - if so, use the “find missing files” to correct your path.

Whaaa… there is some creepy voodoo magic going on here… When I open your blend file the path in Video Editing is only “//” no “Cube Animation/blah/blah/blah,” only “//” 0__0 And when I try to play the AVI video this comes up: “Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or a required codec might not be installed on your computer.” This has to be a problem with my computer. I still have to try this on another computer; until then I’m not going to try to make anymore animations.

can you scroll through the animation in the blend file?

Coolfield7: run, don’t walk, to VLC media player. Download it and you will never have problems with codecs again. Windows Media Player is lame, halt and deaf compared to VLC.

I can but there all white like before.

Yay! Thanks man the video played.