Frustrating beginnings

Sorry,i don’t know where to put this and i hope that someone can understand me.If this is the wrong section or wrong forum than please move it or delete it.
I started bledner 2 weeks ago and i am doing 1h a day in blender.I am still searching for tutorials so i can understand the possibilities of this program.The frustrating thing is that i have the feeling that i will never be able to do something without a tutorial.I just can’t think on my own how to solve simple problems or how to do basic shapes ect.I have a doc file where i take some notes cause the information that i see every day is sooo much that i can’t possible remember everything and i even if i could,i would not know how to use the knowledge in a totally different project.I see projects of others on the internet and it is pretty demotivating cause their first renders are so good,even compared to my “paint by numbers” tutorials.
Did you have the same struggles,how long where you in that heavy tutorial phase?
Sorry,i know this sounds stupid but i just wanna know if this all is normal or should i just do something elese :smiley:

That’s a quite short period, just keep doing tutorials and ask questions here when you have them. Blender has a huge community willing to help.

It’s highly possible that those people have prior knowledge with other softwares and testing themselves in Blender. (or they might be just talented)

That struggle never ends, you just evolve and adapt :slight_smile:


Don’t discourage yourself, this is normal and eventually you won’t need tutorials.
CG needs a lot of patience because there is a lot to learn, I started exactly like you by mixing some stuff taken from various tutorials to make my own stuff.
In a few month you’ll start to get more confident, in the end it takes a few years to be really at ease, like with drawing.
good luck !

Hang in there, we all started fresh at some point and my suggestion is just to keep it simple while learning the ropes. From there you can think about what you learned in a tutorial or something you came up with to further push yourself. I was stuck in a tutorial rut for a long while trying to learn blender and 3d in general, refused to learn nodes as I was a layer based editing background and nodes just made my brain feel like a pot of spaghetti.

But now I am more and more comfortable with what I know to be able to uv map and texture and create procedural materials. All this started out with Tutor4U and BlenderGuru, donuts and coffee cups :wink: I have even gone back to some of my starting blender renders and it is good to look back at those and realize the time I have spent with the simple things has elevated to better and higher level renders. Again, just stick with it and one day it will click and you will then realize you need less and less to rely on a tutorial to do something.

Do you have any experience in other 3d modeling software? If so, one thing you can do which may help you get used to Blender is to model something simple in your native application, then step by step figure out how to translate those operations over to Blender. You will have to look up hotkeys or ask questions of others to get the equivalent tools that will allow you to reproduce your model in Blender, but over time you will retain that knowledge and things will just start coming together.

On the other hand, if you do not have any prior experience in other 3d applications, then just take your time and keep doing tutorials. It could take you a year of doing that before you are confident enough to create something on your own from scratch, but you will get there.

I’ve started with blender guru too. Before this I just learned about navigations, interface basic stuffs. And I had no experience with any other 3D software before. Don’t intimidate yourself it will come by time. There is a lot of good tutorial out there for beginners. After couple of months you will see how much progress you’ve made. The community is very huge you will find answer for almost every time you stuck with something. Be paitent and go step by step for your needs :slight_smile:

Two weeks, hmm.
To give you an impression (maybe I am very slow learning new stuff): I use Blender intensively maybe 5 hours a day for more than four years, and I have the feeling I know not even half of it.
There are still loads of things I didn’t come to try it. But qua modeling, shading, rendersetting etc it feels I can read and write for a big part. (like a little kid that can walk for one year).
Think in terms of months at least. Remember how long it took for you to read and write.
As I said, maybe I learn slow but I can’t stop learning Blender because creating is my biggest passion. And that’s how I want to get old.

Thank you guys,your responses gave me motivation to keep on working


Here’s my second block of lessons. I’ve got 3 episodes with Blender, though in this block over the next couple of months, it will grow into 10 lessons.

Here’s Blender Guru’s beginner lessons.

It’s all about lateral learning.

I make the Solar System and a ship, using the same steps he makes a nice still life of a couple of donuts, a coffee mug, and a table.

Do as many tutorials as you can that teach the basics. Google Blender Beginner Tutorials or Blender Basics Tutorials, and you should find everything you need to find.

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