Frustrating particles and fluid

I created a particle emitter that’s supposed to start emitting at frame 1000 and stop at frame 1500. When I bake it, it does just that. So why then in the name of Santa’s blue balls do some of the particles show up statically, as in, not moving, from frame 1 to frame 1000? Should there be no particles at all until the emitter starts emitting? I’ve done other particle animations using the exact same steps and the particles stayed invisible until they started emitting. So why are they being so frustrating now?

Also, what’s up with water? I created a domain, and a fluid object that was set to “fluid”. I created an IPO for the fluid object and told it not to activate until frame 1700. So of course it starts activating on frame 23 when I bake it, because that just makes sense.