Frustrating problem with copying an object from one blend file and pasting to another blend file

I created a realistic eye in Blender using Procedural shaders and nodes. I copy the eye with Ctrl+C and then open up my other blender file. I paste it into the scene with Ctrl+V.
My shaders are there with the correct node trees for both the cornea and the iris. The cornea is as it should be. However, the Iris does not display the shader material I created, even though the shader nodes are there for it. The Iris should be blue with a black pupil and the striations in the blue iris. But instead, it’s all white. It’s really driving me crazy. I can’t figure out why it’s doing this. Any ideas? Thank you.

People would, at the very least, need to see your nodes to be able to help you troubleshoot this.

Edit: if this ever happened to me, I’d suspect that I was using object coordinates from an empty that lost its parent, hence lost its transform, on copy-pasting into a new file. Or that I’d unthinkingly deleted the empty because I got a bunch of dependency junk that I didn’t want.

Thank you for the response. I will check that. I don’t believe I used any empties for this particular model, but I may have. I followed a tutorial on Youtube to build it. I will post pics of my setup later. I’m currently at work.