Frustration, frustration, fr...

Well i’m kind of frustrated. I’ve been doing this tutorail for a couple of hours now ( but I can’t get my gradient texture applied in a proper way and I’m quite sure that all my settings are correct. Here is a picture to illustrate my problem. Can anybody help me out??

Thanks in advance and greetz, fritz.

is Z-transp turned on?

Go to the Mirror Transp tab and activate Z-Transparency or Ray Transparency.:smiley: (If you use ray, you need raytracing turned on in the render settings. You probably knew that, but just in case you or others needed it, I threw it in.)


Thanks for the tips guys but it isn’t working. I’ve tried to turn on the Z-transp but this is what i get now
I think it has something to do with the gradient texture not being mapped properly, I’ve applied “Strand” mapping so I really don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

Greetz, Fritz.

can you post a .blend?

do you have multiple materials linked to that object? Maybe it’s not seeing the right material (you can change which material affects particles in the particles panel).

I’d really want to post the blend file but i have no idea where i can upload the file (imageshack and putfile don’t support the .blend format)/ Can someone tell me where i can upload that file?

Thx and greetz, Fritz.

Shouldn’t ‘Strands’ be selected on the materials tab also? Or am I missing something…

is this the result you expected? If so I should say that I used the latest version 2.41 and the same settings as yours for material and texture !!!

can you also post the particles settings?

I can get the expected results using your posted settings…must be a linked material/texture somewhere. try zipping your blend file and posting it. your ISP might have webspace you can use? Or sign up for a geocities or similar web account.

I think i’ll sign up at geocities later on since I have to study now.
Here are my particle settings :

Greetz, Fritz

In the strand button did you use and turn on th “Use Tangent shading” button?

For file posting I use Its free.

I Found and used this tutorial and found it easy to follow.

I’ve converted it to PDF so anyone can download it.

Note: added small change in pdf file for paint on partical fur now available with the link above.

Ok, I went with all of the exact settings that you have (except for the red color). I used the default cube. It worked like this:

can you email your blend? deschnell at gmail dot com.

After reviewing the blend file, everything was setup good. But yafray doesn’t render strand particles with blend textures (unless there are other settings which need to be set?).
The closest way to fake it would be to adjust the strand size so that the ends are as small as possible, not use the blend type texture, turn on ray transp, and set your alpha to around 0.3. Would work for non-close-up shots. (also make sure TraShado is turned on in the shaders tab.

Thx for the replies, you’ve all been very helpful!

Greetz, Fritz