Frustration, trying a car follow a curve

I am dealing with an animation in which I need to make a car drive on to a hill.
I managed once and now, not sure why, I can not achieve this.

The scene has a low poly car and a bezier curve.
I tried to align both origins (the one from the car and the other of the bezier c).

  1. I applied an Object Constraint>Follow Path on my car.
  2. Target: Bezier Curve (follow curve and fixed position active).
  3. Picked where its says “Forwa” X axis. That was the position that suited better my car.
  4. Press play and the car starts on the right point, but then starts to fly away (there is a blue dotted line that seems to indicate something).

If anyone knows what I am doing wrong I would highly appreciate a tip.

Thank you!

For a follow path, the origins aren’t at the same spot. Instead, the origin of the constrained object, the car, should be at world origin (just alt g on it.) The position of the car shouldn’t be animated. Instead, the properties of the constraint should be set (or animated) to make the car move along the path. You may need to click the “animate path” button. There are multiple different ways to handle it.

The dotted line is probably a relationship line that indicates parenting or constraint, just to give you an idea of how multiple objects in your scene are linked.

If you want to animate the position of the car, rather than set values on the constraint, you might consider looking into a clamp-to constraint instead.

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Thank you.