This is just a little something I’m doing in my spare time for fun. For the record this has happened to me, and it is frustrating.


Then you do what any normal person would do and peel off the stickers.

My mother baught me one where the colours were printed onto the cubes so I couldn’t do that… the bitch.

I’m fairly sure this is impossible unless someone has messed with the stickers.
Could be wrong though.

Yeah you are wrong I completed it once and then forgot how I did it.

If you can twist it there it’s not impossible to untwist it.

Or you could just pop the cubes out of the track like I used to… :stuck_out_tongue:

You should’nt call your mother a bitch, she could die tommorrow and you might regret it.

LoL i know the feeling when you get that Corner LoL. I messed around with that think in RW for some time. IF i were you, if you really want to be satisfied with yourself (change the material LOL) Nice job though. A nice background and lighting. (if you dont want to spend too much time do a simple wood plane and 3 point lighint set :P)

It’s easy, just take it apart… i used to do it alot until mine broke :wink: ah well, great model philian… as for crits… it doesn’t seem to be modeled piece by piece, you should take one apart (just rip it apart, it won’t hurt it) and build it like the real thing and make an animation… then you could REALLY show the frustration.

otherwise great.

-Jesse the midget

Yes, an animation . I though of doing such an object as a project some time ago but decided not to. I believe it would be rather easy to animate. but it would require the cubes to be individual objects. You get the picture. :stuck_out_tongue:

actually, it is built of several pieces. each cube is a separate object, and so is each sticker. All of those are parented to a large cube in the center. I have, in my frustratin in the past, torn one appart. The center is actually a ball with the center cubes sticking out from it.

It isn’t much, but here’s what I did with it;

Like I said, I did it just for fun. Maybe some time later, if I get the ambition, I’ll animate it. I’ll go ahead and put that in my “Projects I’ll probably never finish” folder. It’s getting to be a large folder :slight_smile: