Frustrations with Collections

OK, I love the idea of the new collections feature over the old layer method, but I"m running into an issue that is quite frustrating.

first I’m working with Blender 2.8 Beta from 12/16.

I have opened a file i started in 2.79 trying to get it converted over to 2.8. It has A LOT of separate objects that I want to get into appropriate collections.
I select several objects and place it in a collection - then I deselect the object and hide it vial the collection.
Then I select other objects and do the same and continue doing this for multiple collections and sub-collections.

The frustrations is that I think I am done and turn on the visibility of a collection only to find that some of the objects have moved to a different collection. I try to fix it and then find that other collections have object moved from that one. I don’t get it!

I do get that Blender 2.8 is still in development. is this a known issue, or am I doing something wrong?

In case anyone who matters is reading this thread, there are a couple behaviors that I feel would be better - just my opinion though.

1 - Currently if a collection’s visibility is turned off, placing a new object into that collection remain visible. I would think that if I turn the visibility of a collection off that means I want it off and any new objects I anticipate any object I place in that collection would be hidden as well.

2 - To place an object in a collection you first need to select it (obviously ). I would think that placing it in a new collection would deselect that/those objects.

The reason it is implemented like this because some user thought that the object has disappeared, devs. have that problem at the beginning of the implementation of this feature, people were complaining that objects are getting lost when moved to an other collection, but then that was a pretty earlier implementation not like the one we have now. Yes with this implementation i will think that it will be logical to automatically hide an object when moved to hidden collection.

your second comment is a bit unclear, I will suggest you to watch some tutorial since things have changed, may be try this one

Sending an object to a hidden layer and not having that object be hidden too doesn’t make sense.

I’m also confused as to why adding an object to a new collection in Object > Collections (small + button on the right of ‘Add to Collection’) adds it to an unusable orphan collection. Is this intended or a bug?

This behavior has been changed, moving an object into a hidden collection does indeed hide that object immediately.