frustrations with python please help!

i have to vent my frustration with python in blender real quick.

1st why can i not print to the console? print(“hello”) does nothing!

this makes absolutely no sense. please who ever designed blender to “not” print things to the console, you should be fired… how am i supposed to debug a python script?

next how can i set the value of a property from python?

i have tried sending a message to a message sensor and firing an actuator… that didn’t work

i have also tried looking for tutorials on doing this and i can’t seem to find one? AHHH

shouldn’t changing a property be a fundamental element of the blender game engine?

in 2.49 i just did something like

import Blender

text = Blender.getObject(‘text’)

text.setData(“new data”)

wtf happened and why?

can somebody please either explain how to change a property from python or direct me towards a tutorial on how to do this? why is this so complicated?

here is what i just tried and please someone tell me what is wrong here?

there is no console logging and i have no idea how to debug this also im not even shure if my script is running! nothing happens!

import GameLogic

controller = GameLogic.getCurrentController()

obj = controller.owner

if “Text” in obj:
text = obj[‘Text’]

text.GameStringProperty.value = "DUHHH"

a good start after some sleep :

also look in the help menu : ‘toggle system console’