Fryum / fried food item material & texture issue !

I m not very experienced in Blender and have created one simple wheel geometry of a fryum thing. I referred these images and tried a lot to make node setup as far as I knew but I guess I m nowhere.

I m unable to bring this porous surface structure with oily highlights and semi translucence looks !

Can anyone help to resolve this issue. I m attaching my blender file, but I guess it is not allowing me to attach here.
however I am giving a raw model completed image for ref. I want to make it crispy yummy looking fryum wheel.

Thanks in advance !


What renderer are you using?

I m using cycles of course !
This is a current result but its all on model density and sculpting. I m trying but it seems my efforts are not in right direction.


Looks like an extremely difficult material. Try sss, perhaps even a slight volume shader and a fresnel curve surface.

can you upload sample file for first model

also show nodes set up

do you want to do it with procedural texture
or do you have high res image to use UV mapping ?

did a proc text quickly

how does it look
color is not yet right and I think need more light
but don’t really see any SSS in there

happy cl


I m unable to upload blend file here… i tried 2-3 times… is there any other way to share .blend file?

Rickyblender, your mesh looks enough good… the further thing is I m finding difficult to get as per shown photo samples.

try at

here is my test file
but model is not good

in first pic there is a strong back lit
so in my file I did add a back spot light

you should be able t upload file go to advance and then select the manage at bottom of page

happy cl


foodfried1.blend (122 KB)

I made the back spot light move to the side
and unique not link the other one
also made color a bit yellow
the front spot light should be white

see results

color still need some fine tuning

happy cl



Wait don’t waste time in creating model from beginning… :slight_smile: Apology I couldn’t upload it… I tried .

Ricky thanks for suggesting nice easy thing LOL

here is my basic model file with trials and errors. Hope it should be easy now!


ok with emission plane seems to work ok
shows looks like

by the way don’t need to make object emission thick volume just a plane is good!

do you need other things may be?

your model

you got 127 K verts for this
how did u do this ?
look at my file I used proc texture to get shape and almost no verts at all!

happy cl


I added my texture to your model
and here it is but light set up is wrong

happy cl


Ricky, I deliberately did with that huge vert count. Disappointing results on material & texture handling I tried to manage with nice dense bums in model.
I have a low count version which renders almost same as above sample but high density gave some better results with less material/texture success. Which u can see in “better looks 4.png” in my earlier post.

Ok - I had a quick play and came up with this:


Moony looks good one !

coming in line can you play with this

A little more twiking should almost come up well. There is still some either sss or volume shader needs to give it a translucent feel.

I tried with almost all setting similar to yours … it gave this look. It looks like it has given a oil bath. The porous / holes-holes structure is not seen in this… It looks like solid heavy thing.

there should be some translucence or something which should make it look images of fryums shown in bowl.
some solution is near by … just gota catch it :wink:


from OP pics I don’t really see any SSS in there
may be some Translucent mat could work !

but difficult to get oily surface plus translucent effect I guess

happy cl

iso surface generator is nice thing… for same reason I spent more cost of vertices on making model heavy. I did slight sculpting to more depth and result is not very bad. Yet some tuning PP is needed to finish the photograph.

However I was wondering even 3ds max couldn’t perform upto the mark for similar rendering results. May be I didnt use right things !


Any senior and experienced “blender cyclist” here who can perhaps address this issue?
would be great !

Any senior and experienced “blender cyclist” here who can perhaps address this issue?
would be great !

Any senior and experienced “blender cyclist” here who can perhaps address this issue?
would be great !